Nominations for The NUS Awards 2016 are now closed. Shortlist to be announced soon!


Welcome to the NUS Awards 2016

We’re really proud to be inviting you to enter nominations for the 2016 awards programme. For the past 8 years, the NUS Awards have been highlighting the work that students’ unions do and this year we’re making that even clearer – these awards are an opportunity for students’ unions to gain national recognition for the incredible things you do day in day out. These are awards for all students’ unions, for officers, for staff from both FE and HE, across all your activities from campaigning and diversity to enterprise and student opportunities.



Last year the NUS Awards recognised a greater number and bigger range of students’ unions than ever before – these awards are not about who’s the best or competition; these awards are an opportunity to share great practice, highlight great results and recognise the incredible things students’ unions do to change students’ lives on a daily basis.