How to Keep the Costs of Running a Car Down

If you own a car then you will be aware of how expensive it can be to run it. It might even seem that it is just too expensive to have one. However, there are things that you can look into that might help you to reduce the cost of owning one. It is worth looking at the different things that you might pay for and how to get the costs of these down.


Insurance is an area where it is easiest to reduce the amount that you have to pay. There are some factors, such as age which have an impact on the cost of your insurance which you cannot do anything about. However, you will find that there are things that you can change. If you look at different insurers, you will find that they differ in how much they will charge you and therefore you will find that you can switch to a different insurer and pay less. Do make sure that you are getting the cover that you need and you might want to check out the insurer to see what their customer service is like. However, most of us will be able to switch to an alternative insurer and will be able to save some money. Another way to keep insurance down is to only claim if you really have to as additional claims will increase your premium. You should also make sure that you try to keep your excess up. This is the amount of money you have to pay before the insurer will pay out anything – so if you make a claim for £200 and the excess is £50 you will only get £150. If you try to keep your claims rare, to keep your premium down, you will probably only be claiming if you need loads of money so increasing the excess can be beneficial.

Break down cover

Many of us have break down cover. It means that we can get help if we break down to be towed to a garage or help with repairs on the roadside or our drive. It is a form of insurance that can be really handy. However, it can be expensive and there are different companies that offer it and so it is worth comparing them to see whether you can get a better deal by using an alternative one.


Getting repairs done on the car is something that we often have to do regularly. This could mean things like getting tyres changed, oil changed or even repairing things that are broken. This is something that all cars will need doing. Try to find a small local garage that will be able to do it for your cheaply. If you go to a dealer then you will get charged a lot more money. Even if you have a specialist car, you could find that a small garage will still be able to do the repairs for you.


Everyone has to have an MOT each year. This can cost more at some places than others, but the things that can make a difference is if you fail the MOT and need some sort of repair or something replaced. If this happens then you are likely to ask the garage that you are having the MOT done at to do this work. If you go to an expensive place then you will end up paying a lot of money compared to going to somewhere cheaper.


Cars do not always run on the same sort of fuel but they will all need something. Whether they use petrol, diesel or electric they will all cost money. It can be a good idea to check for different garages to see whether you can buy it more cheaply. If you use electric, then you may plug the car in at home to charge. If this is the case then make sure that you are with a cheap energy supplier.

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