Democracy Award

To recognise students’ unions that have demonstrated and strengthened their commitment to democratic principles.

1. Explain the context and background of your submission.

  • How did you identify the need for action?
  • What objectives were set?

2. Describe what actions you took, and the challenges that arose.

  • What did you do to ensure that members from under-represented groups became engaged in union elections and decision-making?
  • Can you demonstrate training and support for those participating in union democratic processes?
  • How did you ensure accessible, timely and relevant information was available to members before making decisions?
  • How did you enable members to consider the views of other members before making a decision?

3. What changes have been achieved?

  • What processes were changed or introduced as a result?
  • What outputs and impacts were achieved by the work the union undertook?
  • How has this work impacted participation in union democracy?
  • Can you evidence that decisions made by members are acted on and realised in a timely way?
  • Does the makeup of the union’s central decision-making body and those who participate in it reflect the diversity of the union’s membership?