Campaigns Award

To recognise inclusive and impactful campaigns that empower Students’ Associations, improve students’ lives or campaign on issues faced by members.


1. Explain the context and background of your submission.

  • How did you identify the need/want to change?
  • What objectives were set – short and long term?
  • Can you demonstrate student involvement in identifying the change that needed to be made?


2. Describe what actions you took and the challenges that arose.

  • Were key influencers/decision makers identified?
  • Can they demonstrate student involvement in the design and delivery of the campaign?
  • How did they address/overcome any challenges faced?


3. What changes have been achieved?

  • Outcomes and impact align to objectives set
  • Can evidence change credited to their campaign (press release/article/committee paper/ impact report/video/evidence of behavioural change/ number of students involved in campaign who have continued to engage in further SU campaigns/ activities)
  • Discuss the impact the campaign had on members/Union/local community